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Rise and shine.

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My girlfriend got me a pair of green contacts, took me a long time just to put both on since its my first pair. Thank you very much babe :) #green #cool #contacts #girlfriend #first @mirikashi

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Lately, you’ve been running through my mind, but not as in I miss you or any shit like that no. It’s bothering me how much you still love me, mostly because it feels like you won’t ever leave me alone. I don’t understand why you still feel like this. I’ve done everything I can to push you away, to…

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Damn… she got me Ray Bans! BEST.. GIRLFRIEND.. EVER! xD Thanks babe. :) #spoiled #legit #RayBans #nice #girlfriend #birthday #gift @mirikashi

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Today’s my birthday and I’m blessed for many important reasons. One of them is having this beautiful girl by my side ever since we met. I am thankful to spend every single moment with her, filled with laughs and smiles. There’s not another person that can make me feel the way she makes me. I love her from the bottom of my heart. <3 #cherished #love #girlfriend #her #beautiful #special @mirikashi

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I got the best girlfriend ever. Thanks for the gift honey, I love you very much. :) #supplement #workout #creatine #best #girlfriend

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My Christmas Wish List

-New Laptop
-A bench with more weights (dumbbells and new barbell
-Samsung S4
-Family and friends all together
- A car
And last and most important,
a day off for my girlfriend so I can spend Christmas and my birthday with her

That’s all I want for this christmas :)

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