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So apparently, I was getting a few drinks from the store when I came across this little cat.She was a stray and going all over the place. She didn’t want to leave me alone so I took her hone with me and gave her to my girlfriend. She named her Sam. #straycat #tigerstripe #sam #girlfriend @mirikashi

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Before and After marker! Thanks to the greatest girlfriend! I love you babe. #green #newpackage #camo @mirikashi @djsmacc

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New grips came in! Thanks babe! @mirikashi @djsmacc

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All set and ready for tournament this Sunday. :) @mirikashi @djsmacc @lala_lukeala #excited #determined #progress

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Made a nice green marker stand with @mirikashi and @djsmacc. Turned out nice. :)

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Guess what came in today! #paintball #girlfriend #bigbox @mirikashi @djsmacc @lala_unpingco

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I can’t help but feel this utter sorrow for you. Knowing you’d be in the same position I was in, but maybe things have changed. Maybe the right amount of time has been achieved. Maybe just maybe everything is how it’s meant to be. Disregarding our non existant friendship, I’m happy. I’m happy…

Awwww, you put a big smile on my face everyday, and many more days to come. I never get tired of your beautiful face and wonderful smile, the cutest laugh I’ll always love to hear to make me happy, and your love for me will always make my love for you stronger everyday. I love you too, babe. :)

New kitten. When I was taking the pictures, he jumped towards my phone xD #cute #new @mirikashi

#cute #new
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Rise and shine.

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